Long Island's Swimming Pool Specialists

Rubber Ducky Pools, Inc.

(631) 580-4808

Rubber Ducky Pools, Inc. is a pool maintenance company located on Long Island.  The founders of Rubber Ducky Pools have proudly served the Island's communities since 1998.  They believe in value, professionalism, quality work, and no contracts.

Rubber Ducky Pools provides value to its family, friends, and clients year after year.  This is done by providing services that save time and money.

Rubber Ducky Pools' services are designed to free your time by ensuring you never have to think about your pool throughout the swim season.  Our staff is trained to ensure that your pool system is properly programmed and operating efficiently thus saving money.  Additionally; our maintenance and chemical programs will ensure that your pool water stays balanced, clean, and clear saving additional funds.

Rubber Ducky Pools, Inc. ensures it's staff is professional, knowledgeable, and capable of quality work that is done correctly qand neatly.